Rui Miguel Santos

Tai Chi & Qi Kung

Rui is from Lisbon, between the ages of 7 and 10 he practiced Judo at the Associação Académica da Amadora. He participated in Shotyugueiko, summer internship, taught by Master Kiyoshi Kobayashi. Between 1984 and 1987 he studied at the Dance School of the Conservatório Nacional and for the next three years he was a federated player by the Lisbon Football Association.

In 1990 music became his passion and profession for 15 years, as a bass player and teacher and then onto entertainment.

In 2013 he met José Amaro Dionísio, while he practiced Tai Chi in a Lisbon garden. Since then, he started to accompany him daily in this practice. It was during this period that he learned about the Chi work developed by Vlady Stevanovitch and the existence of the “School of the Via Interior - Centro Vlady Stevanovitch Portugal (CVSP)”, based in the Algarve, directed by his direct disciple Fabien Bastin. 

At this time, in addition to maintaining daily practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung and continuing his training with Fabien Bastin, he started his journey as a teacher of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, sharing his practice as a form of continuous growth.