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Lita Sattva

Rocket Vinyasa, Mandala Vinyasa & Yin Yoga

Lita discovered yoga when she was seventeen. She combined her passion for Yoga with Acting, and the latter somehow became the focus for some years. But the practice of Yoga was always there to guide her through life, and Yoga progressively took her heart. 

As her daily practice became strong and started to change her life, Lita decided to dedicate full time to Yoga. She travelled around Europe, India, the US and Indonesia, to learn more about Yoga and its teachings from incredible teachers that helped her to pursue and consolidate a yogic lifestyle.


With an Ashtanga and Hatha yoga background, it was in London where she discovered new approaches to the traditional methodology such as Rocket Vinyasa, Mandala Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.


Lita feels a beautiful journey is available to all of us, and she wishes to be of service by being a part of that journey through YOGA.


Rocket Vinyasa


Rocket Yoga’s teaching method is strongly rooted in Ashtanga Yoga. Focused on, Ujjaji breaths, Drishti, Bandhas, Vinyasa flow and Intention. Rocket Yoga adds to the classical base via a progressive, dynamic and diversified approach, adding strong and creative transitions. The goal is a meditative state through movement and breath. 

The classes always promote challenge in the student, and by observation are as personalised as possible, with variations given to adapt to the more challenging poses and to different body types and levels of fitness. 

Meditation and Pranayama are also integral parts of these classes. 



Mandala Vinyasa


The Mandala Vinyasa method is a creative sequence based on the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. 

Each sequence works with different parts of the body, each element has its chakra and the asana sequence is designed to work with those energetic points. For instance, working with the air element, as its energy is related to the Anahata (heart) Chakra, the sequence will have chest openers (backbend asanas) to activate and release blockages on the heart’s area. 

These asana flows are performed 360 degrees around the mat, creating mandala lines with the body movement. 

Creative expression while doing the flow is encouraged. 


Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is a restorative practice working with the meridian system and fascia ligament, through long asana holds. In a Yin class, the student will use props to support the asana. 

Complete relaxation and inner enquiry is the goal.


All classes are delivered in English and Sanskrit, with uplifting music and demonstrations.



Happy New beginnings!